Unik Filtersystem AS has over 35 years of experience as a supplier within aquaculture and aquaculture-oriented operations. During this time, we have built up solid expertise and experience in the service of various types of filter solutions and water treatment products.

Customized solutions

Our services are customer-tailored, with a strong emphasis on our customers’ wishes when designing solutions. The solutions consist of in-house produced products and quality products from our many sub-suppliers.

We deliver everything from simple deliveries to large complex solutions that require a high level of expertise from planning to completion.

We offer

  • Turnkey contractors for complete water treatment plants
  • Construction and 3D modeling
  • Drain protection (fish barrier)
  • UV installation
  • Filter system
  • Pumping plant
  • Storage pool
  • Control, monitoring and alarm system
  • Pilot plant for testing at customer’s premises
  • Assembly and training
  • Service and maintenance


Our customers are

  • Settled fish farms
  • Breeding fish farms
  • Hatcheries
  • Fish food farms
  • Fishing boats
  • Future-oriented and environmentally friendly

Our choice of products and solutions are forward-looking and have the lowest possible impact on nature and the environment.

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Products for aquaculture


Robust technology for demanding environments

Unik Filtersystem AS supplies various solutions for sludge treatment. Here you will find solutions to your challenges at a competitive price.


Unik Filtersystem AS supplies complete solutions for sewage filtration.

The Unik belt filter is a functional and robust solution for process water. Here you will find solutions to your challenges at a competitive price.


Unik Filtersystem AS supplies various and complete solutions for filtering intake water. For pressure less inlets, we use a unique belt filter or drum filter, which is a functional and robust solution for intake water in aquaculture facilities. Here you will find solutions to your challenges at a competitive price.

Our belt filters contribute to a safe and good working environment for operators and are delivered fully automated with low needs for inspection, service and maintenance.


Reliable solutions for filtering salmon lice.

For pressure less systems, we use our own developed Unik band filter. A functional and robust solution for the effective filtration of salmon lice.


UV (ultraviolet radiation) is regarded worldwide as an incredibly reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for disinfecting water.

UV radiation destroys the genetic structure of microorganisms in water and prohibits the organisms’ ability to reproduce. Bacteria, viruses and cysts in the water are effectively inactivated (disinfection efficiency 99.99%).

Our facilities cover all needs and capacities. They are approved by FHI (public health institute) and hold Ø-norm certification.


BW is a continuous sand filter developed in collaboration with customers and is used, among other things, to filter and produce drinking water. Contact filtration on this type of filter is characterized by precipitating chemicals (aluminum chloride) added to the water so that flecks are formed in the sand filter which retain both organic and inorganic particles.


Pressure strainers are often used ahead of other processes, in connection with UV systems or as a stand-alone unit to improve water quality, or to prevent damage or deterioration of other equipment.


We supply customized dosing systems for various applications. Together with our subcontractors, we design complete solutions that ensure the quality that our customers expect. A dosing system consists of a dosing pump with accessories, measuring column, documentation and user manual.


Access to clean water is limited in today’s fish farming industry. Norway has access to great water resources, but only a small proportion of it can actually be used for fish production. 

The recycling of water provides solid  control of the water environment and sensible utilization of water sources. Increasingly stricter requirements for wastewater treatment also means that it will become more important to use water more efficiently in the future.