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Narvik Vann - vannrensing
Narvik Vann - Djupvik Vannverk

Djupvik is a small waterworks facility just outside Narvik with approximately 50 subscribers in their local supply area using stream intake water. Narvik Vann entered a contract with Unik Filtersystem to upgrade the water treatment process.

Unik Filtersystem became the sole supplier for the assignment; to build a new process room, and to install a color removal and ozone biofiltration system with UV treatment.

From the start of the project to the finished process, Unik Filtersystem guided us through the process and answered our many questions. Pipes and rigging were delivered, installed and put into operation within a few hectic weeks.


Astri M. Høiem

Project engineer VA

Narvik Vann

Drinking water
Vannbehandlingsanlegg levert på Borgundvåg Vannverk
Borgundvåg Vannverk

Unik Filtersystem AS established great collaboration from the very start of the project and was available 24/7. In cooperation with Unik, the Borgundvåg VBA project, which was under time pressure from the start, was carried out in record time, so that connected subscriptions received clean and good drinking water. Unik delivers a good product and a great service network, so that the operational reliability of the plant is ensured.

The delivery from Unik Filtersystem contained all machines and process equipment inside the building. The plant was delivered on a frame: Particle filter, LIT UV, double production lines, pressure boosting system, clean water tank, process control and emergency power.


Kristoffer Nes Berg

Contractor service

Amiad arkal diskfilter filtrering sjøvann
Vik Settefisk AS

We have installed an Amiad filter system for seawater type Arkal disk filter 20 micron with a capacity of 30m3/h.

The filter takes care of itself, is easy to clean and requires little maintenance.



Erik Morvik

Vik Settefisk AS

Drinking water
vannbehandling for brakkvann
Breivik Vannverk - from brackish water to clean water

Feedback from PK strøm, contractor for project Breivik Vannverk:

Unik Filtersystem delivered a detailed and content-rich offer that was easy to understand despite its detailed subject. Unik has acted professionally and orderly throughout the process through excellent communication and professional expertise. The final product is of the expected quality at the agreed price. Thanks for the partnership!


Vidar Larsen

Project Manager

PK Strøm AS

Drinking water
Høydebasseng for drikkevann

“We are very satisfied with both the final product and the process surrounding the building of our water storage tank. It is built in GUP, holds 300 m3 and will supply cottage fields, 100 households, as well as a newly established industrial area. Unik Filtersystem has emerged as a professional actor. They are reliable, deliver on time, sell products of good quality and at competitive prices. The municipality only has good experiences with Unik Filtersystem as a supplier and can safely recommend other actors to use them – private and public.”

Christian Horten

Technical project manager

Røros municipality

Smøla Municipality

Drinking water
Lindås Kommune

Our new facility supplies water to large parts of the municipality. Capacity is at approximately 325 m3/h.

Unik Filtersystem carried out the mechanical installation. It’s been a smooth process with many details that had to be resolved along the way, and Unik Filtersystem was very solution-oriented throughout the process.

Our experiences with Unik Filtersystem regarding contract, delivery, professional execution and invoicing are positive.”

Knut Espetvedt

Technical drift

Lindås municipality

Process water
Sande Settefisk AS

Sande Settefisk chose the belt filter system from Unik, because they were able to adapt it to our old installation. This way, we avoided having to build a brand-new intake.

With belt filtration of intake water, we reduce the risk of downtime and unwanted incidents associated with bad weather.

Service agreement with Unik Filter system ensures good operation throughout the year.

Last, but not least, Unik also has wonderful people to work and cooperate with.


Tom Wilke

Sande Settefisk AS

Process water
Process water

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Drinking water
Herland Vassverk SA

“We are a private water utility that has invested in a Unik Krystall full treatment plant with a capacity of 180 M3/day. In the planning process, we were recommended to contact Unik Filtersystem AS, which claims to be a serious company with a good reputation in the industry. We did not spend money on a consultant, and through dialogue with Unik Filtersystem we arrived at the right solution for us. The board has always had a constructive collaboration with Unik Filtersystem for optimal results. We have lots of great feedback from our subscribers, reporting on incredibly clear and good water!”

Sigmund Herland

Chairman, Herland Vassverk SA

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