Why enter into a service agreement with us

With a fixed service agreement, you ensure smooth operation of your facility.
Our customers largely have complex and tailor-made solutions, and service should therefore be carried out by people with broad expertise. We have over 35 years of experience in the industry, both as a total supplier and manufacturer. With our nationwide service, our customers are well looked after.

After the work is completed, you will receive a supplementary service report – documentation that must be kept in place
the company’s ICT system in the event of a visit from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

Buy original parts – keep the warranty

In order to keep the warranty during the warranty period, it is worth noting that manufacturers often require that service and maintenance be carried out by the supplier’s own company, or a company approved by the supplier. Warranties also include the use of original parts.

Sole dealer of LIT UV and dealer for AMIAD

To ensure operation, effectiveness, expected lifetime, and warranty of LIT and Amiad products, original products must be used during the warranty period. Only Unik Filter system sells original parts from LIT.

Unfortunately, we have found that competitors will advertise LIT parts. We kindly point out that these are not original parts.

The benefits of entering into a service agreement with us

  • Long experience and broad competence provide security of operation and quality
  • We have our own reserve stock, as well as agreements with subcontractors
  • Discounts on both the execution of work and parts
  • Performs service throughout Norway
  • Phone support included
  • ICT – service report
  • We use only original parts that ensure the expected lifetime and warranty during the warranty period