Sustainable cleaning technology

Our goal for Unik Filtersystem AS is to deliver sustainable products and services within the company’s focus areas that meet our customers’ requirements, expectations and needs, and that meet federal requirements.

Chemical-free processes:

Sustainability is one of our top priorities, and we focus on innovative and environmentally friendly solutions. We supply, among other things, AMIAD filtration solutions and LIT UV systems which are of high quality, highly reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for disinfecting water.

Energy-efficient solutions:

Whether you need partial components or complete solutions, you can be sure that we deliver energy-efficient, high-quality solutions.

This contributes to lower operating costs and a reduced climate footprint.

Products are a mixture of in-house developed technology, supplemented with the best from home and abroad. When choosing partners and subcontractors, their focus on sustainability is an important factor.

We operate with the environment in mind in all our processes.

  • We carry out regular evaluations, and have close dialogue with customers, as well as internal and external resources
  • Recognize the environmental benefits of our products and services
  • Increased source sorting
  • Minimize the use of chemicals without compromising effect and quality
  • Purchasing routines focusing on environmentally friendly products
  • Continuous quality assurance of services and products delivered by partners to ensure sustainability
  • Employees are included and have an active role in HSE work

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