These sales and delivery conditions take precedence over other delivery conditions to the extent that they are not expressly deviated from a written agreement between parties.

Coronavirus (Covid-19):

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) and its potential development, extent and unpredictability will affect the seller’s fulfillment of his obligations. If the seller’s fulfillment of its obligations is delayed, prevented, made difficult or particularly costly due to or as a result of the coronavirus, the seller disclaims responsibility for delayed and/or non-fulfillment of its obligations until the time when such fulfillment again is possible and/or if fulfillment can be carried out without such obstacles for the seller. The seller’s reservation covers all direct and indirect consequences of Covid-19, including that the seller’s workforce should be affected by Covid-19, e.g., in the form of quarantine, travel restrictions or similar circumstances, or if the seller is reasonably unable to purchase or deliver products that have been ordered, or in the event of price increases due to, or as a result of, Covid-19.


If not stated otherwise in the offer, stated prices are valid and thus binding for 4 weeks from the date of the offer. We reserve the right to adjust the prices if changes in exchange rates, public taxes, shipping rates and material prices occur in the time between the current offer date and the due date of the supplier’s invoice. The scope of the order will be that specified in our order confirmation, and changes must be confirmed in writing. Unless otherwise stated, the prices are understood to be exclusive of value added tax, environmental tax and necessary packaging/freight and customs clearance costs. Invoice fee: NOK75. There is a small order supplement of NOK100 on orders under NOK 1,000.

Delivery time:

Stated delivery times are based on tasks from our suppliers. We cannot accept responsibility for delayed delivery due to circumstances beyond our control. For example, errors, negligence and the like on the part of our suppliers or transport companies. A possible transport delay from our warehouse to the buyer does not give the right to postponement of payment.


All shipping comes at the buyer’s own expense and risk. If packaging, shipping and insurance etc. are included in our offer, these are not binding, but are regulated according to any changes that may have occurred until delivery takes place. Packaging is carried out as carefully as common experience has shown to be necessary for the shipping route in question. The buyer/recipient is obliged, upon receipt, to check that the item is correct in accordance with the order. The inspection must be carried out before the item is stored, resold, assembled or otherwise put into use.


Returns of contractual goods are only accepted after further agreement with the seller, which the seller can freely refuse. Goods that are accepted as returned by the seller must be in the same condition as on delivery, and in the original packaging where this is used for the product. If the return is accepted by the seller, a minimum 20% return fee must be charged.

In the event of incorrect delivery, the recipient is obliged to contact the seller without delay. The buyer will then be sent a return form, as well as an agreement on further processing. In the event of incorrect delivery, we cover shipping costs in the cheapest way in connection with the exchange. Please contact us for instructions if transport damage occurs. Damaged goods and packaging must be kept until the case has been fully processed and the case closed by Unik Filter system.

Consequential damages:

We assume no responsibility for possible damage or loss that may be directly or indirectly caused due to delayed delivery, errors or missing goods. We also assume no responsibility for constructions determined by the buyer, or for damages or errors due to external influences, accidents, insufficient care, overloading, natural wear and tear, service or repairs carried out by the buyer or non-authorized personnel, without this having occurred with our written consent.


The buyer does not have the right to cancel and/or terminate the concluded agreement unless the seller agrees to this.

Payment terms:

Net per 10 days, unless otherwise agreed in writing. We reserve titles until the purchase price has been paid in full in accordance with § 3-14 and § 3-22 of the Norwegian Mortgage Act. Late payment interest and penalty fees are calculated in accordance with the provisions of the Norwegian Late Payment Act. Administration cost in the amount of NOK 75 will be added.


The warranty period is 12 months from the date of delivery against material or manufacturing defects. Guarantees assume that the item has been paid for as agreed. Consumer must advertise within the time limits that follow § 52 – § 54 (55) of the Norwegian Purchase Act. In case of commercial purchases, the two-year period is limited to 12 months according to Section 54 of the Purchase Act. Parts that break due to material and/or manufacturing defects, will be replaced free of charge against the submission of used parts and a completed return and complaint form. It must be clear from the submitted part that the damage is truly due to manufacturing or material defects. No compensation other than that mentioned above is given. For the replacement of parts, the buyer normally pays all shipping costs and any customs fees. Dismantling and assembly of claimed parts is not included in the warranty. For electric and other motors, the same complaint conditions as the manufacturer are given. In the case of installation of automatic systems without a fuse or switch for protection, access to complaints ceases.

We disclaim all responsibility for accidents, damage, etc. which is due to normal wear and tear, improper handling, overloading, service or repairs carried out by the buyer or unauthorized personnel, without our written consent. If the delivered product is changed or repaired within the expiry of the complaint period, the right to complain will lapse. The same applies if the accompanying installation and operating instructions and operating manual are not followed, both during installation and commissioning and after the system has been put into operation. Costs for on-site inspections are paid by agreement. An insignificant defect does not entitle an extended warranty period. Warranty is void if non-original parts are used. Service during the warranty period is assumed to be carried out by Unik Filter systems service technicians, alternatively by a company approved in writing by Unik. If this is not observed, the warranty will be void.


Any installation, commissioning and training is not included in the delivery without special agreement.

Right of lien:

The goods remain the seller’s property until purchase price, including interest and costs, has been paid in full. A sales pledge has been taken on the goods in accordance with the provisions of the Norwegian Pledge Act.


We cannot be held responsible for deviations in performances, illustrations, overweight, dimensions or the like, without these being specifically confirmed, as these are tasks carried out by our suppliers.

Oral or telephone agreement:

All agreements only become valid after they have been confirmed in writing.

Force Majeure:

The seller cannot be held responsible for defects or delays due to circumstances beyond the seller’s control, including, but not limited to, local or national labor disputes, fire, war, virus/pandemics, hacking, military uprising, seizure, currency restrictions, riots, shortages on means of transport (closed roads, etc.), general shortage of goods, lack of labor or curtailment of power supplies. The seller must notify the buyer of such conditions and their consequences within a reasonable time period.


Any disputes under this agreement must, to the best of their ability, be resolved by negotiation between the parties. Norwegian law applies in any dispute. Any dispute that goes on to court will be dealt with within the seller’s municipality.