Unik Filtersystem AS ved Arne Johnny Boge mottar Miljøfyrtårn av Ordfører Trine Lindborg

Unik Filtersystem received the Environmental Lighthouse certification from the Mayor of Bjørnafjorden Municipality

The Mayor has handed over visible proof that Unik Filtersystem AS is a certified Environmental Lighthouse. ‘This is a very nice way to get to know the local business community better. It’s interesting to hear how companies work both to become certified and to maintain the Environmental Lighthouse status. It obliges them to deliver an annual environmental report,’ says Mayor Trine Lindborg.

The process towards Environmental Lighthouse status took two years for us. To achieve certification, we have, among other things, improved source separation and labeling of chemicals. We have also met requirements for environmental footprint, including transport from subcontractors.

Read the article about when we received the Environmental Lighthouse certification. (In Norwegian)

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