Water analysis

In collaboration with Eurofins, we have designed a water analysis package adapted to our water treatment plants. The package is suitable for those who have a private water supply from surface water, river, roof water, well or borehole.

Eurofins is the largest laboratory in Norway, and the leading supplier of water analyses.

After completing the purchase of the water analysis package, you will be sent sterile equipment consisting of 2 pcs. 0.5L plastic bottles (one with thiosulphate) and simple instructions. The bottles are placed in the same packaging and returned to Eurofins. The response time is approximately 7 working days.

Buy the Unik water analysis

You will receive a response from Eurofins by e-mail. Forward this to your contact person at Unik or to webmaster@unikwater.com.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us at #00 47 56 56 55 60 or via our contact form.


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Products for drinking water


Krystall Full purification plant is a well-tested water plant for color removal, specifically developed for natural Norwegian water.

This plant is suitable for both small and medium-sized water treatment plants with capacity requirements of between 60 and 2500m3/day.


BW is a continuous sand filter developed in collaboration with customers and is used, among other things, to filter and produce drinking water. Contact filtration on this type of filter is characterized by precipitating chemicals (aluminum chloride) added to the water so that flecks are formed in the sand filter which retain both organic and inorganic particles.


UV (ultraviolet radiation) is regarded worldwide as an incredibly reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for disinfecting water.

UV radiation destroys the genetic structure of microorganisms in water and prohibits the organisms’ ability to reproduce. Bacteria, viruses and cysts in the water are effectively inactivated (disinfection efficiency 99.99%).

Our facilities cover all needs and capacities. They are approved by FHI (public health institute) and hold Ø-norm certification.

water storage tank

Unik Filtersystem is a supplier of elevated pools and buried water tanks for storing of drinking water. The elevation pool/storage tank is used as a buffer, before the drinking water is distributed to consumers. The main purpose of the pool is to smooth out variations in water consumption and ensure water supply to residents in the event of power cuts or other operational disturbances.


Although we already have amazing water in Norway, clean water is unfortunately not always a given.

Many water sources contain viruses, bacteria, iron, manganese, lime and humus etc.

This can often result in an upset stomach, illness and absence from work.


Pressure strainers are often used ahead of other processes, in connection with UV systems or as a stand-alone unit to improve water quality, or to prevent damage or deterioration of other equipment.


We supply customized dosing systems for various applications. Together with our subcontractors, we design complete solutions that ensure the quality that our customers expect. A dosing system consists of a dosing pump with accessories, measuring column, documentation and user manual.


As an alternative to traditional construction, we also carry water treatment in insulated steel containers from Container Norway. This is a well-suited service for smaller waterworks, and for those who want a more “mobile” solution.