Water works for the whole island – delivered by Unik Filtersystem

Quote from the newspaper Nordhorland October 21st 2022:

I have met nothing but goodwill everywere, so to speak. I think everyone understands how important it is for people having clean water, like we have in Mjømna. A year ago, the old water works stopped and we had to start planning a new one says chairman Kjell Kversøy.

Clean water at last

It was on Mjømna, as in most villages in the past, every house and cottages having its own well or other source to get water.So it was not equally good water for everyone. In 1996 the first water works was built by Unik Filtersystem. A good system working, but through the years, the capacity got to small. It was time to build a new water treatment system. I considered a couple of alternatives, but enden up with the same company. We had only good experiences says Kversøy. The new waterworks and treatment plant will supply houses and cabins, future industrial areas on Mjømna, and customers on the neighboring islands Svinøya and Byrknesøy.


A founder from Tysso – Unik Filtersystem

Founder Jarle Boge from Tysso established Unik Filtersystem in 1987. He developed purification plants in collaboration with NIVA, the Norwegian Institute for water research. Since that time, we have delivered around 70 similar plant all over the country, says Arne Johnny Boge CEO at Unik Filtersystem. The water goes through several processes when it enters the treatment plant. It starts by going through a system removing particles, color and unwanted taste, and at the same time balancing the Ph value. In that process they use environmentally friendly marble sand. In further process, a UV system is used to remove bacteria, parasites and viruses.Then to a storage tank, ready to deliver clean water to the customers. The entire process can be followed and partly controlled by the person in charge, from a mobile phone or computer.

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Unik Filtersystem

vannrensing marmorsand UV-anlegg  


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